We are here to help New Zealand organisations navigate the COVID-19 crisis successfully

Briefing reports & Research Summaries

We sincerely want New Zealand to come through these challenging times as well as possible. We have been thinking deeply about COVID-19 and its implications for New Zealand and leaders of New Zealand organisations. As the crisis has evolved, we have released briefing reports on important developments and implications of COVID-19, and matching summaries of leading thinking from around the world.

Update on navigating the COVID-19 crisis

12 June 2020

Our seventh update integrates and summarises our thinking on the COVID-19 crisis.  The briefing paper provides an updated overview of the virus, its near-term and longer-term implications for the world and New Zealand, and how New Zealand’s leaders should respond.
The implications of COVID-19 for New Zealand’s strategy

29 May 2020

Our sixth update considers what a successful national strategy looks like in the wake of COVID-19 and includes an article where we propose a strategy that will help New Zealand achieve social, environmental and economic success as a country through and after the COVID-19 crisis.

Long-term COVID-19 scenarios and the new normal

15 May 2020

The fifth update identifies four long-term scenarios for New Zealand following COVID-19. We propose approaches for using  scenarios to support strategy development during periods of high uncertainty

The COVID-19 virus and crisis/recovery scenarios

8 May 2020

The fourth update explores emerging thinking on the COVID-19 virus.  Our report provides an overview of how the virus has developed in New Zealand, what has been learnt about its biology and effective control measures, and scenarios to guide planning for the next 12-24 months

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The impacts of a recession in New Zealand

1 May 2020

The third update considers who will be most affected by COVID-19. The briefing report highlights the industries and communities that we expect will be most affected by the COVID-19 crisis.

The trajectory of New Zealand’s economic recovery

24 April 2020

The second update focuses on scenarios for the economic downturn that is being triggered by the COVID-19 crisis. The report outlines our reasoning  for concluding that New Zealanders should plan for a long and severe economic downturn.

Navigating the COVID-19 crisis

17 April 2020

Original briefing paper and research summary that covers the trajectory of the virus, its economic and societal impacts for New Zealand, and the tools that leaders can use to navigate the crisis effectively.